5 Personal Financial Strategies to Protect Yourself and Invest Shrewdly in a Collapsing Economy

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In this article, I outline five key financial strategies you can start implementing right now to help protect you and your loved ones in a collapsing economy. If you’re fed up with worrying about your finances and your future and you’re serious about having an investment account with multiple six figures, then you do have options even in a recession.

If you’re sick and tired of working day in day out and seeing your lifestyle decrease even when your salary is increasing or your spouse is also working, you’re not alone. Millions of people will find themselves in a negative spiral as the old paradigm of buy now, pay later (not just your mortgage) come back to bite us in the butt!

At a loss?

Are you one of the millions of people who find themselves at a loss to know what are the best personal finance strategies and the best investment opportunities in today’s collapsing economy? What’s needed is trustworthy financial education.

But it goes deeper than money management. In the current climate is really ripe for the picking for those in the know. But you need to let go the old ways of thinking about money. A major shift to new paradigm thinking in your personal finance, your career or business decisions and your personal development is what’s needed.

The old paradigm simply isn’t working any longer. For those who remain uninformed, the consequences are going to be nothing short of disastrous. We can see on the news more and more the beginnings of currency collapse in Europe and the US, which will be followed by huge bank losses and hyperinflation of everyday needs in food and energy, increasing interest rates and housing price deflation, continuing massive unemployment.

Are you prepared?

Are you ready for social unrest in your own country as people struggle to heat their homes, or put fuel in their cars or even to feed their family?

As Kip Herriage, finance expert and co-founder of Wealth Masters International remarks in his recent book Crashproof Prosperity:

“People are waking up to the reality of this economic crisis and wondering if they should get out, buy more, or just keep their eyes closed, hold on and hope for the best. Trust me on this one folks; it’s going to get ugly before it’s all over…. You see, you’re making a choice right now whether you realise it or not. 99% of the population has no idea what’s coming or how to prepare for it, much less how to prosper greatly from it.”

Similarly, in his groundbreaking Trends Journal, renowned expert Gerald Celente (not one for hype or hysterics) forecasts that the kind of social unrest we’re seeing in some European countries, North Africa and parts of the Middle East will soon begin in the US and in the UK as banks and governments are forced to declare failure.

Taking action now

But there is still time to prepare and survive the inevitable collapse of a broken economic and banking system and to profit the opportunities that always arise from recession and depression years. Money never disappears in these situations; it simply changes hands from the ill-unformed to the well informed. This is why financial education- that is truly understanding what are assets and what are liabilities in the new economy and therefore making wise money management and investment decisions – should be on your “important and urgent” list of things to deal with.

Five strategies

As promised, therefore, here are some starting points – five personal financial strategies you can put into action right away.

1. Eliminate debt as much as possible to avoid falling foul of the massive hikes we will see in interest rates.

2. Get out of real estate (with the exception of your main residential home and even some are selling up and renting) as house prices will continue to plummet and stay low for many years to come.

3. Avoid savings in currency or mutual funds, as these will completely lose their value.

4. Move any savings to commodities. The big winners will be gold and silver (either bullion from reputable sources or the ETF equivalent) or unique wealth investment opportunities built around precious metals.

5. Get out of the stock market (except well selected markets and companies) since rising interest rates mean inevitable collapse of general stock prices.

An Event Horizon

This is not scaremongering, this is real – it’s happening right now and the evidence is increasingly clear. This is not intended to be financial advice; it’s my take on what I’ve read and researched as a member of various wealth communities.

Take action to secure yourself (follow the link in our resource box for more information) or do nothing and lose out. Your choice.

This is an “event horizon” and things will start to collapse very suddenly in the forthcoming months and over the next 1-3 years. I urge you to use the time you have left to make sure you make good choices for yourself and those you care about.

Dr Jay Allyson Dempster is an independent consultant, founder of Belanda Consulting, iSuccess Business Academy and The Educational Entrepreneurs Association, helping small businesses grow their customer base through insightful marketing that is on-message, in-service and wildly profitable.


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